Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation

The Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation is the result of a dream for the world to see every human being as a vital part of society, regardless of mental or physical impediments. It is dedicated to helping disabled individuals lead more fulfilling lives.

Nestled in the college town of Gainesville, Fla., home of the University of Florida Gators, the foundation was established by a group of often-transient researchers, students and forward-thinking community members. Recognizing the need for accessible facilities and services – from bathrooms and sidewalks to counseling and transportation – we hope to provide visitors and residents with resources in order to function in society as efficiently as possible.

“I know what it’s like and I’m personally affected by having to plan my night and not know what kind of experience I will have, how I will get inside each building, and those are considerations people who walk every day don’t really have. As soon as other people understand what it’s like and what problems there are, they are more likely to become involved.”
-Foundation President Rafal Strzalkowski

To make a donation to the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation please follow the link below to our Paypal account. Donations are processed by the Jordan Klausner Foundation, a 501 c(3) non profit, and are tax deductible. Thank you!

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