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If you haven’t heard about us, it’s ok. You will.

We believe that nowadays technology can bring us together more than any time before. People can connect despite of race, disability or gender though social media. We create projects using new technologies and speak about important values through interactive stories.

The old ways of promotion no longer work in any media or entertainment. While the commercial markets are blooming, wisely using modern technologies, the non-profit organizations are way behind. We want to change it. We are changing it right now.

We gained experience in many fields – from video productions to video game programming and we all want to use it to create something great, impactful and with a deeper meaning for everyone all around the world.

We found a way to connect people who want to be involved in good causes with those, who supposedly don’t care. Through our applications, video games and interactive projects we connect with each other naturally, fast and without boundaries. This is the future and we know how to build it.



There are a lot of great people out there. Our goal is to bring them together to make the world a better place and touch their hearts and minds.


You can participate in one of our products, help to fundraise them or just use one of our products. It will change your life like nothing before.



Interactive solutions and virtual reality are marking our lives more and more every day. It doesn’t have to be pure entertainment. It can change the world.


We believe in what we do and what we create. We are experienced and passionate about the tools that we are using and the results we want to achieve.

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A lot of great ideas coded in the right way.

Even a locally-made application can have a huge impact all around the world. Even a small team of people can produce a product that can change many people’s lives. That is what we stand for. Based in Gainesville, Florida, our foundation is working with specialists, engineers and volunteers from all around the world who want to add meaning to their amazing and creative ideas.

Using entertainment to educate, raise awareness and sneak in important values, we fight with ignorance, bullying and misinformation. We believe that everybody can change their point of view, if the story is told in the right way. Instead of complaining about how meaningless the interactive content is, we prefer to take action and start changing it slowly.  

We focus on interactive video projects, where the audience can participate and grow in understanding about more than 50 shades of disabilities. We create video games, which though entertainment we speak about important problems and real world obstacles.

Our goals are to provide content, products or an entertaining piece that will force our audience to think and wonder about problems surrounding them. We don’t scare people nor leave them in guilt that they didn’t do anything about real world problems. Taking action is a joyful thing. Our project will leave you with a smile on your face, thinking that you know what to do next.

Would you like to know more?


Invite us to present our projects and we can show you our ideas.

linia_zolta  The Team gwiazdkalinia_zolta

Loving your work is the best way to be effective.

We’ve all met through social media, building our team for years, finding the right people with the right skills, and being dedicated to our mission. Sone of us have a disability, some of us don’t, but we all have a common goal. In our board of directors, we have a cancer survivor, a handicapped lawyer and a recent immigrant. We know the problem, we understand the struggle, and we have a solution.

We only have a virtual office, believing that the only thing we need is our commitment to our mission and an internet connection. That’s how we can team up with a lot of talented people and how they can create amazing things and don’t worry how they live and how mobile they are. Plus, Ralph Strzalkowski, Paul Brophy and Jazzy Trafficano are amazingly experienced and to work with.

linia_zolta  Donations gwiazdkalinia_zolta

We are the few that spend money wisely.

We accept every donation with gratitude, also offering sponsorship and investment possibilities. We know that new media is the way to make money. We are not making it for ourselves, but for the greater good.

We also apply for any sort of grants and project sponsorships all around the country, believing that our solutions are the right direction not only for us, but something that we can share with other non-profit organizations.

linia_zolta  Work with us gwiazdkalinia_zolta

Sometimes it’s so easy to start changing the world.

If you are a passionate programmer, 3d modeler, concept artist or engineer, and have time to spare, please contact us directly, or check out our job offers on LinkedIn. We work with students, interns, veterans, and top notch specialists. We rarely wear ties and love to joke around, treating each other like family members rather than just employees.

Please remember that it’s volunteer work. We can offer you an amazing experience, a fantastic journey, and connections with to people all around the world.  We are open minded, love diversity, and give second chances but we work hard to accomplish our goals. Your passion means more than your experience. The only requirement we have is that you can’t be afraid to be empathetic.

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