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Gaming for social change 

posterchanged-2Help us develop the world’s first video game about a character who finds himself in a wheelchair and goes through the five stages of grieving after an accident. On his journey he is faced with a number of issues people in his life have faced he isn’t aware of, from racism to abuse to homophobia. How he tackles these situations develops his personality and advances the plot of the game. We believe that games can change how people think and feel about serious social problems. And we treat our mission of service very seriously. That’s why we rely on community support. Please donate if you can. Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and your donations are tax deductible.
Our key message is that everybody has something they struggle with, although some issues are more visible than others. We want this project to turn into an educational program where people with disabilities and veterans can get skills to succeed in the competitive gaming industry while working on a project that talks about their community. And the same time, noting the rise of empathy in gaming we think it’s a more powerful medium allowing users to experience real emotions from the safety of their couch. We are at the stage of producing a 2 scene demo for the game.

Our team already includes interns and volunteers that have faced struggles in their life: wheelchair users, deaf and hard of hearing, chemo survivors, members of the LGBT community. We channel our experiences into a piece of meaningful work. There’s a reason for all we do. As we work together, we learn about each other’s perspectives. This is what change means to us: it always starts with passion.  As our project grows, we also begin to need resources to get to the next  stage. A few dollars can make all the difference.

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Sometimes it’s so easy to start changing the world.

President Ralph Strzalkowski – an immigrant born with Cerebral Palsy who never let his wheelchair stop him from becoming a lawyer, wanted to find a new way to talk about disability. Building the team for years, finding the right people with the right skills, and  dedicated to the mission. Some of us have a disability, some of us don’t, but we all have a common goal, and we all know life’s obstacles. Our team is diverse. From the hearing impaired, to immigrants and cancer survivors. We know the problem, we understand the struggle, and we have a solution.

We have a physical address, but you won’t find us there. We work online, connecting to talent all around the world. We develop projects with the same values and principles that they are meant to promote. For us it’s not only about finalizing the projects, but promoting empathy, understanding and disability issues as we develop them under the guidance of some of our Directors: Ralph Strzalkowski, Paul Brophy and Jazzy Trafficano.

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Journey starts with the right people

 Please contact us if you’d like to learn about our vision, our mission, our projects and what we have planned next. Email us at, interact with us on Facebook or Twitter, share, comment and spread the word. Changing the way society views disabilities starts with you. We want your feedback and your ideas, so help us make it happen. We rely on donors and sponsors to make our projects a reality. We work with volunteers, students, interns and veterans who share our vision. Check out our Linked In postings

FDAAF creates opportunities for students who want to put their idealism and passion to good use. By learning about every aspect of developing video and software projects they work with us side by side but also develop their own awareness of the disability issues and the community we feature. We started at University of Florida, where Brooke Kaplan runs FDAAF Gators  student group and Beth Roland of the Disability Resource Center is the faculty advisor. If you’re a student, join our team and email